A young woman’s victorious struggle to find her self-identity in a systematically repressive future [NSFW]

Swimmer (2015) Pen name Dylan Blake.  Buy now in print or ebook. Sonia Peterson has a cube job. All day long, she works as a sex-on-demand operator, acting out her fans' perverted and pathetic fantasies from the comfort of her office in the General Digital Corp's towering headquarters. ...

Singalongs for a roadtrip on the highway to man’s ruin

Love Songs For A World Gone Wrong (2015) is poetry written like music, rhyming observations on post-modern life. Buy now in print or ebook.

How can one person help save the world?

My second feature, documentary New Urban Cowboy (2006) explored the life and work of artist turned developer Michael E. Arth. Watch Now.  

“A punk rock doc-esque look at San Francisco in the Dot Com Boom”

Miller's High Life (2001), is a comedy about a lovable loser couchsurfing his way through the late nineties in SF. Watch Now.  

Why paint on cardboard?

Lately I have been fascinated with painting on cardboard. To start with, there is the fact that most art eventually becomes garbage. Now what was discarded, the packaging, becomes the thing of value. And yet, when the piece has lived its lifespan in your decor, you can throw it away ...

“A theatrical gem!” -Richard Connema, Talkin’ Broadway.com

The Barbary Coast Revue (2013-15) thanks our supporters for three successful seasons of "the true history of San Francisco!" (SF Weekly) 2015 at Balançoire, SF 2014 at ...

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