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A Stable of Unicorns: 25 Billion-Dollar Startup Ideas from Bay Area Futurist Blake Wiers (2019, 62 pages) Buy here in print or ebook.

In Silicon Valley, a “unicorn” is a new company worth a billion dollars. In A Stable of Unicorns, you get twenty-five disruptive, dynamic new business ideas.

Collected from my notes, each Unicorn is fleshed out in entertaining terms. Take your pick, add your spin, and you are off to the unicorn races.

An excerpt:

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November 25, 2017


“Tour Recorder”




Tour Recorder is an app for recording tours. Press record, and off you go…wherever. The app follows you as you speak, automatically syncing your location to the soundtrack you create in real time. You can clean up the recording, add music, and edit pin drops, or just leave it alone. Then you share the tour you recorded, wherever you want. Make it public or private on the Tour Recorder global map of tours, or spread it around on your other social outlets.

The “Tour Recorder” name might need a little work, as this is also a consumer’s tool, not just a creator’s tool. Maybe something like “Tour Guide.” Or “Tour G.” Or more likely a wacky sound-alike, “Twoer,” but spelled “Two3r.”

Anyway, the focus has to be on the recording tool and ease of use. Make the app look like a cool recorder, with the classic record and pause buttons, audio waveforms on a timeline, and a map following your progress. And of course, Tour Recorder can work in the background while you use your phone for other stuff, like taking pictures and video to add to the tour, on the fly, or calling someone to get their voice and video on the recording.

The idea is to make it super easy for people to record and share audio/video tours, and the audience will follow.

A minimum deliverable might be recording audio synced to a map that you could then distribute via other means. Next add editing, visuals, and the creator community sharing map component.


The competitive landscape

Every startup has competition, that’s why you always have to do your research before you dive in to an idea. Some of these ideas I got curious enough about to look into what is available. Others I have no clue, maybe it’s already being done. My bad. But your worse, if you take the Unicorn and run only to realize you never did your due diligence. Besides, research is fun!

In this case, the guy from Groupon is working on something similar to this idea called “Detour,” but it’s an app featuring produced content from big names at a pricey download. That’s taking it squarely from the consumer side. It looks like a nice experience for a consumer, not a tool for a producer. This is why Instagram creamed Flickr.

A company called “MyTour” lets you create tours on their website, then play the results over an app the user needs to download. Their product might be great, but it’s not a simple geo-tagged tour recorder for your phone.


Potential users

Think beyond the obvious museums and city tours. “Tour Recorder” could be useful for job training, selling real estate, events, really any situation you can imagine wanting a friendly voice to guide you through the world.


Is Two3r a Unicorn?

More likely you’ll get a acquired in the tens of millions range.


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