Non-Believer Horoscopes for January 2019

by Blake Wiers

Happy New Year! Last summer, I left some unfinished business when talking about Julius Caesar rewriting the calendar, and specifically, how he moved the beginning of the year to January 1st.

You have no doubt observed in the past couple years a reinvigoration of women’s struggle for equal rights. We’ve been living in a patriarchy, and after women worked hard in the 20th century to regain rights like property ownership, voting, and self-control of their bodies, we are on the cusp of…working to be…something approaching…actual equality in the law…and lawmakers.

After writing that column about Julius Caesar, I was reminded by a female friend, yoga instructor and publicist Crystal Higgins, of the matriarchy and patriarchy component to the change of dates. The first leader of the recently coup-ed Roman Empire created a new calendar and moved the new year from the spring equinox to the winter solstice. So, big deal, you say. The self-appointed king overthrew a democratic government, and then rescheduled the year to start in the winter instead of the spring. What does that have to do with patriarchy?

The old new year, the beginning of spring, is traditionally marked by the moon, a common symbol of feminine fertility. Easter, that age old celebration of time-to-get-out-and-plant-your-crops, is held on the Sunday after the full moon near the spring equinox. (No doubt in the days before church on Sunday, the spring fertility ritual was held on the full moon itself…way better for late night partying.)

The winter solstice, on the other hand, is all about the sun. The days have been getting shorter since September, and around December 21st, they start to get longer, aka, more sun. Julius Caesar was a week off when he set the date of the new year at January 1st, but he was close enough. And by moving the important date of the new year from the moon’s holiday, spring, to the sun’s holiday, in the dark depths of winter, he made a big power shift.

In Julius Caesar’s day, about 50 B.C.E., there were temples and priests and all sorts of power structures built up around the gods associated with each planetary body. The sun was Sol or Janus, a man, and the moon was Luna, Juno, or Diana, a woman. Moving the new year, the most important date on the calendar, from the moon to the sun, the feminine to the masculine, helped create the foundation for two thousand more years of non-equal rights. Remember that when you’re raising your glass of bubbles this NYE, because half-of-us are in for the best moments of our lives in 2019, and so are the other half.

Speaking of the sun and moon, we have eclipses of both coming up in January. An eclipse is a time of reckoning. The sun, your outer world, is partially eclipsed January 5-6, as the new moon arrives in Capricorn. And the total eclipse of the full moon in Leo on January 20-21 will be a great time for inward self-reflection. After those ridiculous new year’s resolutions are long gone, you’ll have a nice view of the real you.


ARIES March 21-April 21ish
Your planet Mars is direct all year, and starts the year in Aries, so bonny for you. You’ll head into the year with your usual fire, but things may slow down as you learn life lessons about getting more done by doing less. To accomplish this, you will do well to accept some help. This is a year of growth for you, but remember to take care of your home life and especially tie up loose ends by September, so you’ll be ready for takeoff in December.

TAURUS April 21-May 21ish
Since March 2011 you’ve been reviewing your past, starting March 6th you’ll take that self-knowledge and grow. You may feel a revolution brewing, but the only thing you may need to rebel against is your less than desirable habits. Embrace your inner change, but don’t go nuts on the credit card buying it a new wardrobe. This year you may want to stay close to home, and travel is more likely to be for work than fun.

GEMINI May 21-June 21ish
Your 2019 looks good for seeking financial order, and the project manager in you shines. You may expand your support system. Conquering debts is a real possibility. From January to September you may be feeling a partner’s demands for freedom. Meet life openly and honestly, and you will grow. Still, this represents a foundation check, especially around shared finances and intimacy. Things may get worse before they get better, but you’ll have the strength to deal with it. Watch out for April splurges.

CANCER June 21-July 21ish
2019 brings you joyful expansion in work, habits, health, partnership, and negotiations. Greet your opportunities to grow with integrity and you’ll get lots of payback. Watch out for partners who want to steal all the glory, but be thankful for those who help you keep a check on your worst tendencies. The north node is in Cancer this year, pointing at you, and telling you that only you can get your butt in the shape you want for you. You got it, you?

LEO July 21-August 21 or so
The eclipse of the full moon in Leo on January 21st ushers in a big year for you mighty lions. Through December 2nd you’ll be popping off creative miracles, entertaining cheering crowds, and meeting a new stratosphere of good friends. After a couple rough years, this is a nice change. Downside is, you might party too hard. So stick with the positive-type fun making, like kicking down some wisdom to the next generation.

VIRGO August 21-September 21ish
The stars are looking good for Virgo in 2019. Things are settling down nicely on the home front, maybe even approaching true harmony. In fact you may be feeling so good you want to splurge a little on home renovations. Don’t. Stick with the basics, foundation stuff, and you will be happier with the results. And while the world outside your home might leave you wanting to close the shades from time to time, don’t ignore it entirely. December brings you fun adventure.

LIBRA September 21-October 21 (and a few on either side)
Wild and wacky, meet 2019. The thrill of organization may fill Libra with unexpected feelings as suddenly you find yourself decidedly on-the-ball. Make that tough phone call? Piece of cake. Get through that awkward talk with your kid? Yes, you can. Only one caution, watch out for taking on too much as you master your universe. By December you may have a housing situation nailed down.

SCORPIO October 21-November 21ish
After barnstorming all over the great globe, 2019 might seem a little quiet, and you might be surprised to by how much you enjoy home. Harmony might require a little effort, and you’re just the person to give it. Pursue security and comfort with no abandon. You might even look into buying property, somewhere with good transportation options. In the meantime, remember not everybody has the courage to stand beside the road with their thumb out.

SAGITTARIUS November 21-December 21
String the bow and head off at a trot into 2019, because you centaurs have Jupiter in your sign until December 2nd. This once-every-twelve year energy has you bearing the fruit of any inner-work you’ve been undertaking. Here comes the project you’ve been waiting for, if you keep open to the possibilities. But don’t let your head get too big, especially if success seems easy.

CAPRICORN December 21-January 21ish
On January 5th and 6th, as the new moon arrives in Capricorn, use both your strong horns and flexible tail to get a firm start on what looks like a good money year with your work. Things are generally warm and cozy for you in 2019. You might spend a lot of time at home, so remember to get out and socialize, humans are herd animals and we need the flock. And steer clear of the less-than-healthy forms of escape if you want to feel your best.

AQUARIUS January 21-February 21
While your friends might be enjoying wealth and success, Aquarius, you may be the one dreaming them on. Your vision for the future is opening up. You see that as your connections grow, so do you. And as the light shines on you, uh, wait, you might want a little privacy. So while 2019 finds you ready to give, give, give…don’t forget to take, take, take some time for yourself. This may include discarding some old ideas to make room for new ones.

PISCES February 21-March 21 and a bit
Think back to 2007 for the last time you had this much going on with your ambition and reputation. You’re back, baby. Take advantage of the limelight, but choose your projects hella carefully. Be selective, don’t give out your time for nada and don’t take on too much. Avoid gossip if you don’t want it coming around your way. Stay focused on the things that got you here, not the sirens of success calling.

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