Life on Mars is pretty good — except for the no pets policy

Miley McMeteor and the Lost Dog On Mars [2018, 230 pages] Buy here in print or ebook.

Like most Martians  in the year 2184, Miley McMeteor has a way around the system. She keeps her dog Disco hidden. But when she loses him on spring break, she learns her pet is only the beginning of the secrets on her home planet.

Pursuing her furry friend across a terraformed landscape, Miley faces the usual obstacles of a twelve year old on Mars: snooping neighbors, a deadly atmosphere, and a society based on corporations owning absolutely everything—even her.

Her journal, Miley McMeteor and the Lost Dog On Mars, is young adult science fiction for  interplanetary dreamers of all ages.

“Harry Potter of space.” —HAL 9000, Mars Pioneer

“If Tin Tin were a girl on Mars, he would be Miley McMeteor.” —Zaphod Beeblebrox, ex-President of the Galaxy

An excerpt:


Olympus Mons, Bozemon’s Outpost, Mars
April 18, 2184 – Sol 46, M080 – 0800h


This is the story of how we got this truck.

When we got off the train in the Five Percent at Elysium Mons, we got in a transporter to take us to my dad’s work, or at least where they park the haul trucks and he has a locker. He really works in the truck. Anyway, on the way, I was interested in looking at the infrastructure being built in this settlement on the slope of a small volcano that will one day be an important port city for All-Mars, but my dad was nervous and talkative. He gave me a quick run down on what to do.

“Because my usual vehicle is in the garage being serviced, we have two obstacles,” he said. “First, I have to borrow another vehicle. Second, we have to come up with an excuse.”

“What about the note from Mrs. Whittaker?” I asked. “It worked to get through Bozemon’s.”

“We’ll see,” he said, holding up crossed fingers. “It depends who is working the desk. If it’s Jolly Roger, we can just say we’re going for a drive. He never asks questions. The best lie is the simplest lie. Although lying is dying, too. And death lurks with jerks. So be nice to your neighbors.”

Now my dad was so nervous he was spouting random All-Mars slogans. I could tell he needed distraction, so I asked, “What is all this stuff we’re passing?”

With a little prodding, he pointed out the construction projects, “Those are entrances to the underground city.”

“And those?”

“That’s phase one. That’s the foundation for the dome, and those excavations are for the lagoon.”


“Oh yeah, there’s going to be a waterfront scene like Earth, boat docks, marinas, and restaurants.”

“Wow,” I said. Right now, it looks like carved up rocks on a hill, but the way he described it, I could almost see All-Mars new seaport on the Northern Ocean. “Someday this is going to be beautiful.”

“Sea level achieved: M2128 E4159,” I saw my phone’s AI pop up a useful tidbit of information. So it would be another two thousand mars years until there would be any boats here.

We got to the equipment yard, and it wasn’t my dad’s co-worker Jolly Roger at the front desk. I’ve met him before, he really does like to laugh a lot. This woman looked much more stern. A bit like Mrs. Whittaker.

“I’m not sure she’s going to believe the note,” I told my dad, panicking.

“We’ll be fine,” he said, pulling me along toward the desk.

We stood in front of the lady. She looked up at me, a long look, then up at my dad. “Thao McMeteor. Your rig is out, you want number fifty-four?”

“Yes, thank you,” my father said. “How was your Founder’s Day, Deb?”

“Not bad,” she showed us her screen as she passed the digital key for the vehicle into my dad’s inbox. “Considering I worked. Founder’s Day is a big deal to you, but I’m an earthling. I got quintuple credits.”

“Nice,” my dad said, distracted as he checked his phone display to make sure he had received the key. “I should try that sometime.”

“What’s your name?” Deb looked right at me again.

“Miley,” I said, still a bit on edge, although this seemed to be going alright.

She laughed, “I knew that. Thao talks about you all the time. Just wanted to see if you could speak. Nice to meet you, Miley McMeteor. I’m signing that out under family sightseeing, you all have a nice outing.”

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