Makes a perfect gift for the relative you unfriended

Facing The Unknown: Collected Poems 2017 (2017, 50 pages) Buy now in print or ebook. When you can sum up a year by saying, “Well at least a nuclear war didn’t happen,” you know it was a rough one. These poems take a look in the mirror at our collective reaction to a year of unprecedented distraction.

A selection:


Here’s to the crazymakers
The attention grabbing time takers
Who cause a stir everywhere
To make people stare
At them and their problems
Then ask you to solve them

Here’s to the emotional vampires
Who feast as you perspire
Feeling empathy for their plight
They suck you in with delight
Watch as you whither in despair
As they breathe in your last air

Here’s to the greedy men
The kleptocrats and craptocrats
Acrobats and tall black hats
Stuffing their pockets
With nuclear rockets
As their little friend
Tap dances in front of the racket.

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