New arrival! What billionaire would want his daughter dating a clown?

Junk For Justice (2017) The Land of Opportunity Series, Volume 3 – Buy now in print or ebook. Most of the time, Jerome Williams turns garbage into gold. His recycling cooperative hosts the East Bay’s most popular art parties, and his clown act gives him celebrity status at political protests. But when he falls for socialite Taylor Patel, her venture capitalist father disapproves, and Jerome’s very existence becomes imperiled. Hiring a lawyer might help, but when the line between professional and personal gets blurred, the situation spins completely out of control. How will Jerome save his business, his reputation, and his sanity?

An excerpt:

Taylor surprised Jerome while he was working in the metal shop three nights after his arrest. As Shelly had predicted, he was taken downtown, then let go with no charges pressed. Fortunately, he was separated from Shelly when they arrived at the central booking station, and had some time to cool down before making his appearance in front of the desk officer releasing him. He didn’t take anything the man said personally, kept his answers to ‘yes’ and ‘no,’ and ‘thank you,’ and was home late that evening. Now he was working on forgetting the whole thing, and Taylor was helping.

“This is making me nervous,” she said, clinging to Jerome by the waist of his pants for dear life on the catwalk above the sorting floor. “Are we almost done?”

“This is where we sort all the junk that comes in,” Jerome noticed Taylor wasn’t looking down, although she was the one who asked for a tour. “In here, each item is evaluated for reuse or recycling. We go for zero waste, but there is still some landfill happening.”

They reached the ladder at the end. Jerome went first, sliding down the rails to the platform below.

Taylor turned to climb down, her heels were giving her a hard time on the steel grated steps. “Can you show me your room next?”

“I have a trailer,” he said, hand on her butt helping her down the narrow staircase.

“Ooh, a trailer,” she laughed. At the bottom, she kissed him, “Let’s see this little love shack.”

“We’re not done with the tour yet,” Jerome led her back toward the recycling area, where the overnight crew was working. “This is where the action is right now, once we get the smelters heated up, it’s more efficient to operate twenty-four hours.

“That’s what he said,” said Taylor, unbuttoning her long overcoat in the hot room, and revealing she had on only lingerie underneath. “So, where is that trailer?”

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