Formerly homeless entrepreneur Jerome Williams is caught in a love triangle that may take down his business

Junk For Justice (2017) The Land of Opportunity Series, Volume 3 – Buy now in print or ebook. When Jerome Williams does the right thing, his  life goes well. He’s a successful local entrepreneur, and an influential social activist at the center of the East Bay arts scene. But when he does the wrong thing, it’s bad: Paid killer. Prison. Homeless.

Now he’s dating the daughter of a billionaire. His game has never been tighter. So why is he hiring an attorney? And why does his new counselor have to be so damned attractive?

An excerpt:

The note lay on the bedside table, next to the Alexa speaker, on a simple sticky.

“Had to run, got Fourth of July plans?” Jerome read without picking it up. There was a lipstick kiss for a signature, and Taylor’s phone number was below. He entered it into his phone, before heading into the bathroom

Showered and dressed, Jerome decided to check her fridge for something to eat. He grabbed the right looking remote control from her bedside table to work the window tinting, and headed for the double doors to the living room. It was time to check out the view.

Outside the bedroom was a whole new world. Up until now, Jerome had been in a cocoon. Taylor’s room, her bathroom, and her office all had the posh, comfortable feeling of a very nice high-end hotel. The living room made it clear he was in something else altogether. A palace. The two story open space had two walls of glass, and stretched out over multiple sitting areas, indoor gardens, and a large open mezzanine Taylor used as a dance floor, based on the huge speakers and DJ booth.

The view was amazing, the whole East Bay stretched out across the horizon, with the Bay Bridge far below, tiny toy cars and buses jammed up on their way in and out of the city. The sun was up nicely, and Jerome realized he hadn’t known what time it was in Taylor’s room. Now he could see it was already midmorning.

He crossed to what looked like a door out to the patio, and set the window tinting remote down on the settee in a Hollywood Regency redux lounging area, then picked it up and found the right button to slide open a panel of the hanging glass wall overlooking the deck.

Outside, the view was even more mindblowing, and the rooftop party space wasn’t shabby, either. There was an outdoor kitchen with wet bar, plenty of room for dining and lounging, and amazing plantings.

The edge gave him a sense of vertigo, so he stepped back and took a seat on a plush white lounger. The cushion was already warm from the sun, and felt great on his back, relief against the cool morning air here, forty floors up. Lying down out of the wind, he started to feel warmer immediately, and he let himself relax.

This was not a bad way to start the day. Jerome closed his eyes and breathed, savoring a moment of meditation. When he opened them again, there was a man looking at him. The guy had on a grey blazer and button down shirt, and there was a discreet earpiece coming up from his collar.


“Hey, how’s it going. I’m a guest of Taylor. Jerome.” Jerome reached out his hand to shake.

Instead, the man handed him a white hand towel. It was warm and slightly damp.

“Yes, Miss Patel instructed me to make sure you have breakfast. Can I start you with an espresso drink?”

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