Half the country saw a miracle, and the other half saw ’Merica

‘Merical (2016) – Buy now in print or ebook. The strangest thing happened in 2016–it wasn’t unpredictable, but it wasn’t forseen. America put on a political scene; we all got excited, with red and blue and nothing in between.

‘Merical explores the land beneath the lies, where half the country saw a miracle, and the other half saw ’Merica. Along this path paved with fear, you might find some hope and patriotic good cheer.

An excerpt from ‘Merical:

The Old World Order – Nov. 13, 2016

Abandoned by destiny
No hope for you and me
Undone by simple greed
Now he’s in the presidency
Do I need a new residency?

Take to the streets with the resistance?
Offer others assistance?
Won’t wear a safety pin
It’s a sign of privilege
And a badge of their game

Won’t complain online
Or offer any sign
For the thought police
Are watching

Concerned for safety
Head in the sand
Fear has taken over my land
What will we discover
While running for cover?

What have we done
While doing absolutely nothing?
We’re too busy fighting wars and creating pollution
To be part of the solution
We’re too busy clicking like and getting psyched
To have a revolution

So we get a new world order
Of old dudes lined up at the larder
Welcome to the presidency
What happens next we’ll all see.

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