A young woman’s victorious struggle to find her self-identity in a systematically repressive future [NSFW]

Swimmer (2015) Pen name Dylan Blake.  Buy now in print or ebook.

Sonia Peterson has a cube job. All day long, she works as a sex-on-demand operator, acting out her fans’ perverted and pathetic fantasies from the comfort of her office in the General Digital Corp’s towering headquarters. It is mindlessly boring and repetitive work, apart from the hackers who stalk her days and lately, have been appearing in her dreams. They are all her worst nightmare—except for this one guy, the hippy named Dali. She has to admit, he is actually funny. And cute. And now, Sonia has a date to go swimming with him, in real life.

An excerpt (NSFW):

The first condom tore, and they laughed a lot putting the second one on, and then Sonia had gotten the giggles looking at Danny’s shrunken member in the rubber and making it talk like a little sad clown. He took the condom off out of embarrassment, and they got to talking, and Sonia had some wine, and Danny picked up their clothes and folded them in two separate piles.

“What are you doing?” Sonia said, between sips of red.

“OCD.” He responded, folding her underwear and putting it on top of her pile. “I like things to be ship shape.”

“That’s something I would do.” She laughed, and ate a grape. It was delicious, small and tart. She spit out the seeds and put them in the empty container Danny had provided. “Are these grapes local?”

“Yep, from a mid-elevation vineyard. Up this high on the hill they can only grow champagne grapes. They’re so tiny they make these grapes look like the old GMO monsters.”

“They’re very good. Thank you for this spread. Getting freaked out and turned on and brain scanned has a way of making you hungry.”

“De nada.” Danny spread cheese on a cracker and held it out for Sonia. “I like to eat, too. Sorry to ambush you with this place. This is probably the weirdest first date ever.”

Sonia leaned forward to eat the cracker from his fingers, then sat back, her naked body glowing in the flickering candlelight.

“I figured this was your go to move. Meet the new girl at the bonfire, hang out poolside, quote un quote just friends, and take her on a walk with the super friendly dogs to your favorite rape bunker. The usual moves for hung island hunk Daniel, hey, what is your last name?”

“Reese. Thomas is my middle name.”

“The usual moves for hung island hunk Daniel Thomas Reese. Huh. Even your name sounds like a calendar model.”

“Like I said, my life is a blessing and a curse,” he said, smiling and flexing his naked muscles. Sonia reached over and ran a hand down his shoulder, across his chest, down his firm abdomen, and stopped, lingering just below his belly button.

“Do you want me to keep going?” she said.


Sonia moved her hand lower and teasing him to life, slowly. He lay back and let her play.

“Can I touch you?” he asked.

“Be my guest,” she said, before filling her mouth.

The experience was unlike anything Sonia had done before. She swallowed his engorged vitality and her mind was consumed, she felt a rush through her entire body and opening her eyes she became one with the visual illusion in the room around her. For a moment, she was transported completely to another reality. She found herself now beside the bonfire with Danny, sitting with their baby. He was holding her tight, and the child was nuzzling at her breast. Sonia felt a warm rush of motherhood, a feeling of command and purpose, a sense of understanding her power to create, and thereby overcome all obstacles.

She turned to Danny, and he was smiling back at mother and child. He held up a hand for a high-five.

“This is it, we’re here!”

“What?” Sonia said, looking around, realizing that time truly had frozen. Danny’s cock was not in her mouth, and she was sitting beside a bonfire with their frigging kid. And yet, she knew in reality they were still in Dale’s cube room and she really did have Danny’s penis in her mouth. She was pretty sure of that. But this felt quite incredibly real. “Where are we? This is what happens in the cube?”

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