Singalongs for a roadtrip on the highway to man’s ruin

Love Songs For A World Gone Wrong (2015) is poetry written like music, rhyming observations on post-modern life. Buy now in print or ebook.

An excerpt:

The NPR Liberal


Knows the score about equality and environmental destruction,

That’s why they drive a Prius while they listen.

Knew we were wrong on Iraq,

Even suspects this country isn’t really under attack.

Pays their taxes, and makes donations,

Sorts their garbage, even on vacation,

In some far flung eco-destination.

Understands prejudice and discrimination,

But still locks the doors at a dangerous intersection.

Points their finger at SUVs,

Gun nuts are the problem, not you and me.

Likes Bernie and Hillary too,

Supports gay marriage and maybe even drug prohibition,

After all, that’s a comfortable position.

Knows some things they do support the system,

But if only those right wingers would listen…

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