The Coast will be reborn!

Rehearsals have begun for the second run of The Barbary Coast Revue! With new songs and a whole chorus full of fun,  I look forward to seeing you again at the show. Stay tuned for ticketing info. (The picture is from our first table reading, June 9, 2014.)

Freelance Copywriter Portfolio

Click here to download samples of content, copy, video and branding work.  

About Me

Blake is a freelance copywriter in San Francisco, a film maker and creator of The Barbary Coast Revue. He has fifteen years experience writing integrated branding, marketing, UX, and content for tech, consumer and B2B audiences. Contact him at teeveecowboy [at] yahoo ...

New Urban Cowboy

How can one person affect positive change against the world's problems? My second feature, a documentary, explores the life and work of artist, entrepreneur and self-made urban designer Michael E. Arth. Appeared at ten film festivals, including ...

Miller’s High Life

The story of an artist's struggle through the dot com boom in San Francisco, my first feature is now on Amazon streaming.  

Method Laundry Detergent – video content

This splash video was the opening screen for a mini-site. Copywriter for Cobra Creative.

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