The Barbary Coast Revue

The extended preview run is over. But don't worry, The Barbary Coast Revue will be back in Spring/Summer 2014 , so be prepared to sing along to San Francisco's scandalous history once again!  Writer and producer for Blake Wiers Presents. ...


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About Me

Blake is a storyteller for brands, a producer of fun innovation, and an overall creative person. Contact him at teeveecowboy [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Short Films

This is one in a series of silent film parodies set in post-modern day SF. You can find more videos at my Youtube channel.

Miller’s High Life

The story of an artist's struggle through the dot com boom in San Francisco, my first feature is now on Amazon streaming. Writer, director, co-editor and producer for Circle-R-Ranch Productions.  

New Urban Cowboy

How can one person affect positive change against the world's problems? This documentary explores the life and work of artist, entrepreneur and self-made urban designer Michael E. Arth. Winner of the audience choice award at the 2008 ...

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