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CharacterSF recently created the website for Glint, a new easy to use, elegant HR tool. It was great to be part of the team on this marketing site.

Mark Twain Is Back In SF!

America's funniest storyteller delights with this musical comedy set to parodies of Bay Area hits from the '80s to now. The Barbary Coast Revue is the new must see show for anyone seeking "the true history of San Francisco!" (SF Weekly) For tickets head to

About Me

Blake is a writer, artist and producer. In addition to freelance writing for clients like Juniper Networks (John McNeil Studio), Glint (CharacterSF), and McMillan Electric (300FeetOut), he's made two feature films and is the creator of The Barbary Coast Revue. Contact him at teeveecowboy [at] yahoo [dot] com.

New Urban Cowboy

How can one person affect positive change against the world's problems? My second feature, a documentary, explores the life and work of artist, entrepreneur and self-made urban designer Michael E. Arth. Appeared at ten film festivals, including ...

Miller’s High Life

The story of an artist's struggle through the dot com boom in San Francisco, my first feature is now on Amazon streaming.  

Method Laundry Detergent – video content

This splash video was the opening screen for a mini-site. Copywriter for Cobra Creative.

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