Branding and content sample

CharacterSF recently created this marketing site for Glint.

Mark Twain is back in San Francisco!

The Barbary Coast Revue is now in its third season delivering "The true history of San Francisco!" (SF Weekly) For tickets head to

The Pitch

Blake is a writer and producer with skills in branding and entertainment. Looking for help telling your story? Email teeveecowboy [at] yahoo [dot] com.

New Urban Cowboy

How can one person affect positive change against the world's problems? Feature documentary New Urban Cowboy explores the life and work of pedestrian friendly real estate developer Michael E. Arth.

Miller’s High Life

What's funny about a musician becoming homeless during SF's dot com boom of 2001?  Watch my first feature on Amazon streaming.  

Branding and content sample

Method Laundry Detergent for Cobra Creative.

Advertising sample

The Walt Disney Family Museum for 300FeetOut.

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