The Land of Opportunity Series, Book 1: Walking to Paradise

Walking to Paradise (2016) is a modern day rags to riches story about a young man on a mission to create a more walkable America. Buy Now.

A bedtime story for a crazy year of election

Watching the animals in our house – and the lunacy of national politics – inspired Petocracy (2016). Buy Now.

What will virtual reality look like in fifty years?

Published under pen name Dylan Blake, Swimmer (2015) is erotic sci-fi/fantasy for readers who know the difference between the singularity and the singles scene. Buy Now.

About Blake

I'm a writer with a background in branding, tech fluency, and entertainment chops. I also direct, shoot, and edit (and produce in a pinch). Email teeveecowboy [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Singalongs for a roadtrip on the highway to man’s ruin

Love Songs For A World Gone Wrong (2015) is poetry written like music, rhyming observations on post-modern life. Buy Now.

Branding and content copywriter sample

Glint marketing site for CharacterSF.

How can one person help save the world?

My second feature, documentary New Urban Cowboy (2006) explored the life and work of artist turned developer Michael E. Arth. Watch Now.  

Some things never get old

My first feature, Miller's High Life (2001), was about a tech boom and housing shortage in San Francisco. You might call it a Bay Area classic. Watch Now.  

“A theatrical gem!” -Richard Connema, Talkin’

The Barbary Coast Revue (2013-15) thanks our supporters for three successful seasons of "the true history of San Francisco!" (SF Weekly) Check back soon for exciting news about the next run...    

Video editing sample

Educational videos for

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