New arrival! What billionaire would want his daughter dating a clown?

Junk For Justice (2017) The Land of Opportunity Series, Volume 3 – Buy now in print or ebook. Most of the time, Jerome Williams turns garbage into gold. His recycling cooperative hosts the East ...

Rebecca West has 24 hours to recover her missing autonomous vehicle

Self-Driving Mystery (2016) The Land of Opportunity Series, Volume 2 – Buy now in print or ebook. A theft at a self-driving competition in Southern California forces bootstrapping innovator Rebecca West to become a DIY detective. The culprit is likely among the attendees at the event. Is it ...

An idealistic guy walking across America, what could go wrong?

Walking to Paradise (2016) The Land of Opportunity Series, Volume 1 – Buy now in print or ebook. Ambitious junior architect Walker Smith had a simple plan: to share the joy of living a walkable lifestyle, by documenting his own cross-country trek. But that was before he ...

A nursery rhyme for a crazy year of election

Petocracy (2016) Buy now in print or ebook. Inspired by watching the animals in our house – and the lunacy of national politics – Petocracy is a kid's book about border security, police violence, and the one percent, plus kibbles. The print version ...

Half the country saw a miracle, and the other half saw ’Merica

'Merical (2016) – Buy now in print or ebook. The strangest thing happened in 2016–it wasn’t unpredictable, but it wasn’t forseen. America put on a political scene; we all got excited, with red and blue and nothing in between. ‘Merical explores the land beneath the ...

A woman’s victorious struggle to find her own self-identity in a systematically repressive future

Swimmer (2015) Erotic sci-fi/fantasy published under pen name Dylan Blake.  Buy now in print or ebook. Sonia Peterson has a cube job. All day long, she works as a sex-on-demand operator, acting out her fans' perverted and pathetic fantasies from the comfort of her office in the General Digital ...

About Blake

Based in San Francisco, California, Blake Wiers got his start in advertising, and works as a freelance copywriter, filmmaker, independent producer, and artist. He is the author of four novels. Thanks for reading!

Singalongs for a roadtrip on the highway to man’s ruin

Love Songs For A World Gone Wrong (2015) is poetry written like music, rhyming observations on post-modern life. Buy now in print or ebook.

Branding and content copywriter sample

Glint marketing site for CharacterSF.

How can one person help save the world?

My second feature, documentary New Urban Cowboy (2006) explored the life and work of artist turned developer Michael E. Arth. Watch Now.  

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